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What our clients say

Rented a couple of laptops from Sri Veda Technologies and was very happy with the service. All systems worked better than expected. Vinod provided fast service and was easy to do business and good rates.

Suhail Paul
Director | 3ft Innovatives

Vinodji at Sri Veda Tech is a very understanding and professional person. We have been using their laptops since over a year and everything has been perfect. He also takes care of our rapidly changing requirements from the dev team, in order to support our tech stack at affordable rates.

Yuvraj Shivhare
UX Designer | Startup Nebula

We wanted to buy good performance laptops for heavy graphical processing within the budget for creating graffiti at Wicked Broz", thanks to Vinodji at Sri Veda Tech who could provide us with the same. The machines have been working good so far. Definitely, recommend Sri Veda Tech for your technical needs.

Zain Siddhiqui
Co-founder | Wicked Broz